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Pehratek Innovations in Audiology is a company that creates devices used to better assess the hearing of children. Founded by Audiologist James L. Pehringer, Au.D., Pehrateks’s innovative devices help to accurately detect hearing deficiencies in those who are too young to communicate. Dr. Pehringer is president and owner of Hearing Solutions Group in Hopkins, Minnesota. An Audiologist for over 29 years, Dr. Pehringer always strives to improve the quality of life of his patients by improving their hearing.

The goals of this project included a rebranding as well as design and development of a custom WordPress site which would allow the user to quickly discover more information about the company and products, and to easily contact a sales representative to assist with the buying decision.

Pehratek Home Page iPad
Pehratek Home Page iPad Chat

My industry research revealed that 85% of Audiologists are women. Additionally, users of competing sites were only spending a few moments browsing, indicating that users would want to speak to a sales consultant before making such a big purchase. I created the site design to be most appealing to women, using an open layout with a well-established hierarchy, and clean product imagery, featuring an adorable baby on the home page.

I kept product information to brief, bulleted descriptions to allow for easy scanning, and included a comparison infograph on the home page to enable users to quickly decide which product might best suit their needs. The infograph pulls features information from custom product fields to enable the client to update it automatically from the CMS. A fixed tab to initiate online chat or a phone call remains visible to the user at all times, to keep the next step of the buying process easily accessible.

I created a color palette of mainly blue, appealing to both men and women, and frequently associated with feelings of trust. I added a vibrant green and diagonal sections to give the user the impression of cutting edge innovation. I created a new logo, using geometric and modern letterforms; a low x-height and a strong horizontal stress tells the viewer of the ingenuity of the company, while the juxtaposition of the thick and thin as well as color places emphasis on technology.

Pehratek Logo and Color Scheme
Pehratek Home Page Mockup in Photoshop

I created medium fidelity Photoshop mockups to perfect the site layout and inform coding decisions and streamline my approch to its development. I was then able to envision photographic needs for the page, and photograph a model for the final home page imagery.

I developed the site using the Bootstrap framework to ensure it would be highly responsive and accessible at any screen size, and a Custom Wordpress Theme with Custom WooCommerce which enabled Dr. Pehringer to update his product offerings and descriptions as he continues to create new devices. Users of the site can place their order online as well as by phone, and later rate the products to help other shoppers make the best buying decision.

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