Bucaramanga Branding and Ad Campaign


Coffee Branding & Ad Campaign

Branding, Design, Layout, Art Direction

Bucaramanga Coffee is a company offering flavorful and sustainable Colombian Arabica coffee in a convenient and environmentally-friendly dispenser box. Bucaramanga is more than just a brand; it is "Colombia's Beautiful City". On a plateau in the Andes mountains, and surrounded by rainforests, it is home to over 1800 species of birds, and small farms where coffee is cultivated and hand-picked, then expertly blended to perfection.

This method of coffee farming lends to the robust economy of Bucaramanga and sustains the surrounding rainforests. My goals for this project were to create a brand identity which would convey the farm-grown quality of Bucaramanga coffee—hand-picked and sustainable among a rainforest that is home to thousands of birds—and a distinct package design.

Bucaramanga Logo Sketch
Bucaramanga Logo and Style

I created a logo, using a font reminiscent of shop window hand-lettering and a highly detailed, hand-drawn bird; both convey old-time quality juxtaposed with vivid colors and patterns inspired by the Bucaramanga flag.

I used color, imagery, and pattern to draw the viewer to the package design and help them feel connected to the culture of Bucaramanga. I created the packaging as a dual-purpose dispenser for in the cupboard or in a drawer.

Bucaramanga Coffee Box Mockup
Bucaramanga Coffee Store Hangers

I designed the package specifically to solve an issue of clutter that exists with current K-cup packaging, with dispenser options which would allow the user to store the product in a cupboard or a drawer, keeping countertops tidy and the product readily available.

I developed a marketing strategy for Bucaramanga Coffee Products, including art direction of the product photo shoot and advertisements which could be used for a full page magazine ad as well as web banners and point of sale displays.

Bucaramanga Coffee Magazine Ad
Bucaramanga Coffee Store Setup

Using an approach consistent with the branding, I created a mockup for a website that is educational to the target market and includes cause branding with the Rainforest Alliance and co-branded merchandise available to benefit sustaining the rainforests.

Bucaramanga Coffee Merchandise
Bucaramanga Coffee Site Mockup