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A Cut Above is a lawncare company offering an array of lawn care services from maintenance and pest control to landscaping in the Carver County, Minnesota area.

The goals of this project included a branding as well as design and development of a site which would allow a broad range of users to quickly find more information about lawn services and obtain a quote to hasten the buying decision.

A Cut Above Garden Page iMac
A Cut Above About Page iPad

I developed a color palette including green, to create a strong association with healthy, fresh-cut grass, and a vibrant pop of orange to highlight calls to action and communicate a sense of passion and rehabilitation. I created a logo using bold letterforms that speak to the restorative nature of the company and a grass graphic for the top navigation that integrates well with the logo.

The audience for the site includes users of a broad age range, from 30-85, so I paid special attention to creating strong contrast by using highly legible font choices, an engaging navigation to help to guide the users to the information they need, and responsiveness at all screen sizes. A slight parallax effect on masthead imagery adds a touch of modern excitement to further engage the viewer.

A Cut Above Landscaping Page on Mobile
A Cut Above Landscaping Scroll Secondary Navigation

The website utilizes the Bootstrap framework as well as several alternate navigation solutions to be highly responsive as well as readable on all screen sizes. The home page touches broadly on each topic, with an automatic scroll feature to bring the user smoothly to the different sections, fixed navigation to allow the user to quickly re-direct their search, and image-based secondary-navigation for the main services offered, enabling users to quickly determine what service they might be interested in and find more information.

Each page features a strong "Get a Quote" call to action, enabling the user to take the next step toward purchase from wherever they are in the website.

A Cut Above Pest Control Screen
A Cut Above Pest Control Get Quote Modal