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Friendly Foods LTD is a company that offers fresh, ready-made meals that are free of common allergens and can be custom-made to suit the consumer's allergies. Customers can attend Cookdates to learn new recipes as well as tips and tricks to accommodate their dietary needs, then take home their ready-made meals for quick, healthy dinner options. Alternatively, customers who are too busy to attend a Cookdate can simply have their meals delivered.

The goals of this project included a rebranding and development of a custom WordPress site which would make scheduling Cookdates easy for their customers. Additionally, the site would include customer accounts that would enable tracking of favorite recipes.

Friendly Foods Mood Board
Friendly Foods Final Logo

I refreshed the color palette, maintaining the retro feel of the company's identity by drawing from vintage and retro kitchen colors. Natural greens were introduced to communicate wellness and appetite appeal, with a bold pop of red, which speaks to the passion the company has for the service they provide. I added gold to convey luxury and elevate the brand to appeal to the audience of consumers in the upper-middle class.

I developed a new logo, pairing an elegantly monogrammed "F" with a sophisticated yet casual script, and a clean sans-serif. Both fonts are highly legible and offer both web and print versions in a variety of weights to ensure that all printed materials will be consistently branded with the website.

Friendly Foods Home Page on Mobile Devices
Friendly Foods Home Page on Desktop

Previously, the Friendly Foods website was purely HTML and CSS, with no ability for the audience to create an account to store their favorite recipes, or schedule Cookdates without contacting the company directly. Additionally, the site was not responsive, and many of the buttons were images rather than using text, impacting SEO and accessibility and limiting the ways the user could interact with the site.

After analyzing the target audience and their needs as well as the company needs, I created mockups for a new site with the goal of presenting the core features in an appealing manner, enhancing the user experience. The site features appetizing imagery from Adobe Stock, and intuitive hierarchy that allows the user to quickly find the information they need to make a buying decision.

Friendly Foods Menu Screen iPad
Friendly Foods Cookdate Scheduler Screen iPhone

The Menu page features a filtering application that allows the user to quickly find recipes on the current menu that will fit their dietary needs, and mark them as favorites to be stored within their account for future reference. The Cookdates page introduces a scheduling application which enables the user to choose from available Cookdates and times to quickly and easily book a Cookdate at Friendly Foods. Within the CMS, the bookings are easily stored and accessed by the company.